Aug 27, 2015

Random Thursday

Continuing with the book titled That's a Fact Jack: A Collection of Utterly Useless Information [Updated] by Harry Bright & Jakob Anser...I learned a few new things today about complete randomness...

"The universe is beige. According to astronomers at John Hopkins University, the color of all light in the universe hexadecimal RGB value #FFF8E7. The color is now referred to as 'cosmic latte'."

"If you put a mirror one light-year away from Earth and looked at it through a telescope, you would see two years into Earth's past."


  1. favorite! I remember my high school physics teacher saying that when we look at the stars in the night sky, in truth we see their past, since light takes time to travel in Earth.

    So now I can order a "cosmic latte"? Will Starbucks make it a part of their menu too? :)

  2. Seeing two years into the pass is way cool! Cosmic latte makes me want to invent a drink.

  3. wow both really interesting facts so we are well our planet is cosmic latte. interesting. I always see black and white with the space and stars and such. Wonder what makes it beige.

  4. That's really interesting, Jessica. Thanks for sharing the facts - I shared them with my son, who loves astronomy. :)

  5. Wait, the universe is beige?? *googles to read more about it* Thanks!! :D


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