May 7, 2016

Fierce Reads Tour Stop & Contest!!

Fierce Reads made their way to St. Louis this Spring! Which was a shocker!! But since I had recently binged Marie Rutkoski's The Winner's Curse trilogy, I was excited enough to make the trip into the downtown (ish) area to see her! The other authors in attendance weren't really ones I read since it seemed they were more on the contemporary track, but it was still a delightful event!

 Although I am missing one of the authors in this photo! Lol! I always love hearing what authors have to say. Even if I rarely ever have a question in mind for them, I sometimes do come up with one! Like I had asked Marie what she was working on next. She couldn't say much, but we'll be seeing something in 2018! Ack! The waiting!! LOL!

I was happy to have gone all the way down, thanks to my mom for actually going with me and doing the driving! It wasn't as far downtown as I remembered. But parking was still a little scary! Yay for groups!! And moms!!!

To celebrate I am giving away a SIGNED paperback copy of The Winner's Curse!! I'm not sure which adverb to use here when depicting the cover art as we had mixed opinions on it on Twitter this year, but it is the new paperback cover. Sadly, they didn't have the original paperback selling. But it still is a SIGNED copy!!

So to enter the contest, just fill out the rafflecopter form! US only, I'm afraid, but as always, if you're international and have a US address you can use and that person can get the book to you, that totally counts! ;)

There will also be an exclusive Fierce Reads Coloring book included with the SIGNED book! And another piece of swag which I shall leave as a surprise! ;)

Have at it!

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  1. That is FANTASTIC that Fierce Reads made it to the proper Midwest finally! I think that tour, since it's out and about so consistently, likes to get around to different cities when it can. Which is awesome!!!

    And yes, city driving sucks!!! But so worth it to hear authors talk :)

  2. Looks like a great time. So excited to finally read this series.

  3. I have not read The Winners Curse trilogy yet but it's on my TBR-soon list! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I really wanted to go to this but I was just so worn out from everything lately that I decided to just stay at home. It looks like it was a really great event so I am a little mad at myself for not going. I do need to read The Winners Curse trilogy soon. Great pics!

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life

  5. You know there was a lot to be said about the new cover. And I don't like that they wanted to change it mid-series. But after reading the final book, I find these new covers do actually fit rather well. So, since they decided to do what they did and make them for the paperbacks, I'm not complaining anymore.


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