May 23, 2016

Let's Watch it AGAIN!!!

Okay, it was all over Twitter after debuting on TV this morning, but seriously, I can't get enough of this teaser trailer! I ADORE Beauty and the Beast and Emma is going to make a great Belle!!

I think to add to the stellar news of this one releasing next year on March 17th is that the animated version, the original version might be coming out of the vault as well! Not only just after its 25th anniversary, but just in time for it coincide with its live action theatrical release! Not that I know what date it's coming out or if it is for sure. I read an article somewhere that it's possibly coming out of that stupid vault next year! Apparently the classics--the ones we all adore and love--only come out of the vault every 7 years. So I guess that tells us to time our having kids right so we can have them watching these beloved classics! If and hopefully when, I find more definitive data I will be sure to post for sure and let you know!  


  1. This is the first time I watched the trailer. How exciting!

  2. Yes! I adored the trailer! And I wish they also show more clips too! :)

  3. oh i so love it and I can't wait til it comes out. I dont want to wait til next year. I need it like now!


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