May 5, 2016

Random Thursday

Have you ever noticed that in Pixar movies there's nods to past Pixar movies and even a hint as to the next one...or one after. Like we saw Boo hand Sulley a Nemo toy and Nemo was still another 2 years away from releasing!

But perhaps the most popular hidden Easter egg, is the combo A113!

It's in all the Pixar movies! Finding it is like finding an Easter egg! LOL! But did you ever know what its significance is?

Well, according to my Disney Desk Calendar, this is "a salute to the room number for a college animation class where many of the Pixar filmmakers met"! I don't think I knew that before reading it on my calendar some weeks ago! LOL!


  1. I know that too! On WALL-E it's the number of command the AI of the fleet has. And the pizza truck too! It always appears!

  2. I heard that awhile back, such a cool easter egg :D


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