Aug 4, 2016

Random Thursday

Okay, last round of old Disney Calendar factoids! Today's a mishmash of Disney movies that I saved for whatever reason! Lol! Not sure what my thinking process was way back then! 

"Four-year-old Peter Behn wasn't old enough to read the lines for his character Thumper. In the sound studio, the director would read the lines to him with the inflection desired, and Peter would perform it back into the microphone."
Never knew that and thought it was interesting! But do note, this picture above is from Bambi 2 and the factoid applies to the original Bambi! ;)
"For The Nutcracker Suite, techniques were employed to give the animated images the delicate look of the pastel concept drawings for the piece. Special transparent paints gave the images the ethereal quality no traditionally painted cel could attain."

"Les Clark, one of Walt Disney's legendary nine old men, studied hummingbirds in flight to animate the Dewdrop Fairies of The Nutcracker Suite."

"Tim Burton has said he was inspired to write the original poem on which this film is based while watching a store's Halloween window display being replaced by a Christmas display."

I thought it was because before Halloween comes around the stores put out the Christmas stuff! LOL! Of course that's only been in recent years!

"On March 25, 1948, the Sealtest Village Store radio show announces that its singer Ilene Woods was cast that afternoon by Walt Disney to voice Cinderella in his upcoming animated feature. To celebrate, she sang 'When You Wish Upon a Star' from Pinocchio."

"Actress Irene Bedard performed the voice as well as served as the physical model for the character of Pocahontas."

That's interesting!


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