Aug 25, 2016

Random Thursday

It's the final day for 16 Things You Never Noticed About Disney Classic Mulan written by Rachel Paige! This has been a fun little article of some surprising (and maybe some not so surprising) factoids about Mulan! I've enjoyed reading it! As promised, here you will find the link to the article in full! Once again I will be borrowing the pictures the author used because it will be the best visual to the factoid!

"Chi Fu has this picture on his desk"

The author goes on to mention what a classic pose this is and how we'd all want to do this with someone famous! And due to the time era she points out how it's a painting vs a picture! I always thought it was pretty funny myself!

"Mulan is the only warrior with a different chest plate"

I chalked that one up to the fact that she took her father's armor, he was in the army several years ago, so naturally his would be "outdated".

"Shang's horse has not one but TWO hidden Mickeys"

Never caught that myself! Guess the spots were too far away for my anal brain to pick up on it! LOL!

"There's a cliff that magically disappears and then reappears throughout the avalanche"

Yeah...totally didn't catch that really!

"A medic appears out of thin air"

Well I didn't think it was thin air, I just assumed he was nearby or someone ran like Forest Gump and got one to their area. It is later in the day now! 

"The number of Shang's army drastically changes"

I just figured the nameless guys we didn't know hung back for some reason! LOL!

And there you have it!


  1. I have never seen Mulan in a entire sitting. After these factoids though I want to.

  2. Wow ! I just caught this list and I never noticed the chest plate thing. The pose in that painting always made me lol.


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