Aug 11, 2016

Random Thursday

Awhile back I found yet another interesting Disney post, this one goes into 16 Things You Never Noticed About Disney Classic Mulan written by Rachel Paige. So for the next three posts I'll share these factoids with you! And the pictures I'm sharing are straight from the article as well, to give you the best view of the factoid!

"Little Brother is the cutest dog in the world"

Okay I'm guessing that was more opinion than fact, but yeah, he's pretty cute!!

"The colors of these dresses are vaguely familiar"

The one in the back is yellowish gold and the other is shades of pink, suggesting that they are Belle and Aurora inspired!

"Mulan doesn't have fingernails, but the Ancestors do"

That's definitely an odd tidbit that I never really caught!

"No one in the movie gets wet"

She basically comments that neither Mulan nor her parents really look wet. Like Mulan should have more water dripping off her and her parents do look pretty dry and unrumpled!

"There's an 'American Gothic' joke"

Never did catch that one! LOL!

Tune in for next week for another 5 more tidbits! And as usual with the final post, I'll share the link to the article in full!


  1. LoL "no one gets wet?!"

    Great timing with the Mulan facts, did you hear about the new Renee A series?

  2. Fun post! I'm not sure how many times I've seen Mulan but I feel like I've NEVER noticed the dog? Not sure if I'm just unobservant or what, haha. I have noticed the fingernail thing although I thought it was just a male/female issue; the women's nails always had that pointed look but the guy's nails had the actual square drawn? Not sure.


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