Aug 18, 2016

Random Thursday

Let's continue on with the article, 16 Things You Never Noticed About Disney Classic Mulan by Rachel Paige.As I said last week, these are all facts or sometimes opinions or just observations made by the author but a lot of them do kind of make you go huh! Didn't realize that! And again, all pictures and facts are being borrowed from the article. Next week I shall share the link with you all!

"The 'evil' horses have red eyes"

This I did notice when watching it. Just chalked it up to them being owned by the bad guys.

"Mushu shadow has see-through eyes and a see-through mouth"
So yeah, an observation. I notice that too really. And it's not so much a see-through mouth, but an open one.
"Cri-Kee takes notes"
Again, observation. She goes on to say that Mushu tells him to do it and he does. So I guess he's obedient too? :)
"Someone brings a watermelon to a fist fight"
That's a little odd, but so is the fish. But then again, they're at camp!
"Shang has the faintest blue line around his hair"
Heehee! I noticed this about Pocahontas too...well at least with all the merchandise it was! I think it's because they have black hair and thus can't have black outline for the details! 



  1. We love catching stuff in Disney movies. Did you know Rapunzel goes to Elsa's Coronation?

  2. Does Pocahontas have a blue streak too?


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