Oct 3, 2016

Extra! Extra! A Special Offer to C.C. Hunter Readers!

Hey all!! Did you know that C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls series is coming to an end?! Tragedy, I know! But we're going out with a bang and seeing where Miranda's HEA will with! Two guys are vying for her heart and naturally, only one will win! Eager to seeing where her story will take her and who she winds up with! At least in this one, we'll know by the end and not have any heart wrenching happen for a certain amount of books! Truly didn't know who Kylie would end up with and I kind of lost my choice with Della though I did see it coming. LOL! The pains of a reader!

But as some fans of the series might be wondering, what's up with Kylie and Lucas these days? We haven't really seen them for ages. Well, we're about to find out! C.C. has offered up a super special pre-order incentive. If you pre-order Midnight Hour, and come on, if you're a fan of the series you probably already have! Then you will get this exclusive e-short story!

But you HAVE to pre-order it before October 24th and fill out THIS FORM HERE in order to get in on this incredible prize!! Just click that link up there and fill out the form as required with your e-receipt! Have at it!!

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