Oct 6, 2016

Random Thursday

IT'S OCTOBER! One of the most WON-DER-FUL TIMES OF THE YEAR!!! Lol! Yes, I love October! I love fall, I love Halloween, I love it all! And just as I write this post in advance, I came across a nice little article with 40 Fun Facts About Halloween from a website actually called Random Facts, that I will be sharing with you over the next few week! 4 Thursdays in October equals to 10 outstanding facts about Halloween! I'm more than likely going to be reading these with you (as I write the posts!)! Hope you enjoy, and as always, with the last post I'll share the link should you want to read the factoid in full detail!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

1. Apparently, the movie Halloween was on such a low budget that when it came time to get a mask for Michael, they used the cheapest one they could find. One from William Shatner's character on Star Trek. When Shatner later learned this, he said he was honored.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
2. The first jack-o-lanterns were made from turnips. --> this I actually remember learning!

3. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday. --> care to guess what the first one is? ;)

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
4. The word "witch" comes from an Old English word, that basically means "wise woman". According to belief witches held one of their two main meetings on Halloween. --> so naturally I want to know what the other night is! Lol.

5. Samhaimophobia is the fear of Halloween. --> who could fear one of the most wonderful times of the year? Granted, I could totally understand if someone had a legit fear!

(image borrowed from leeneessweetdelights.blogspot.com)
6. 50% kids prefer to get chocolate candy on Halloween, 24% prefer non-chocolate candy and 10% prefer gum. --> I guess you could say I was in that 50% as I preferred to get Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!! Like I'd trade you all my non-Reese's candy for your Reese's candy! Lol. Okay, not literally, but close to it!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
7. The owl is a popular image for Halloween. In Medieval Europe, people thought owls were witches in disguise. And that if you see one, someone is about to die! --> that's definitely new to me info. And I'm betting it doesn't necessarily apply to this kind of owl, I only chose this one because it's totally bringing on my Labyrinth fangirl vibes! Lol.

8. According to Irish legend, Jack-O-Lanterns are around because there was a stingy old man, named Jack, who tricked the devil several times. Therefore he was barred from both heaven and hell was given only a lantern to light his way as he wandered the earth. --> and I do believe his lantern was made from a pumpkin, or some sort of gourd! I remembered learning about this one in school at Halloween time!

(image borrowed from NBCnews.com)
9. Norm Craven grew the world's largest pumpkin, breaking the previous record in 1993. His pumpkin weighed 836 pounds! -->okay, I googled world's largest pumpkin, and a loooot of images came up. So I can't say this is Norm, but it's definitely one large pumpkin!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
10. Stephen Clarke holds the world's record for fastest pumpkin carving; 24:03 seconds. His previous record was 54.72 seconds. There are rules for this carving contest though, the pumpkin must weigh at least 24 pounds and carved in the traditional way with eyes, nose, ear and mouth. --> ears are a new one for me! Never thought that was standard! Lol!

Stay tuned for next week for more fun Halloween facts!!



  1. These are so fun! I was definitely in that chocolate-loving 50% as well, though my husband would be in the 24%. He's a candy-loving guy - skittles, gummi bears, etc. No chocolate. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?! ;-)

  2. I'm surprised that Halloween is the second highest. But I guess it makes sense, costumes and candy.


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