Oct 14, 2016


I'll be MIA once again this weekend! I'm driving over to Nashville for this awesome event I just found out about a few weeks ago! The Southern Festival of Books sounds like an awesome event! There were quite a few authors--who are sadly in my TBR pile and not read yet, other than one or two--who are in attendance who I have yet to meet, so I decided, why not?! That's always my philosophy it seems! LOL! It's a little over 5 hours driving, so nothing too terrible! (Says the girl who drove 9.5 hours to Texas last summer, then drove a 4ish hour drive again after arriving in Texas to another city to drive back the 4ish hours to the hotel again!)

So once again, I will be missing this weekend, but I shall be back in action on Monday! Though, I might be sluggish since I am likely coming home late to get back in time for work. But I will be here! LOL!

If anyone's going, be sure to tweet at me! Would love to say hey!


  1. Enjoy! I can't wait to hear all about the Southern Festival of Books...it sounds great!

  2. Have fun at the Book Festival! Please do a summary of it when you get back. I don't have access to most of these events, so I love hearing about them!

  3. Oh gosh I live close to Nashville and I'm not even aware of this! Have fun and drive safe :)


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