Oct 28, 2016

Mini Review--Trickster Blood by Lucienne Diver

Hermes, the god of tricksters, walk away from mischief and mayhem? As if.
A Latter-Day Olympians Prequel

Hermes (yes, that Hermes of Greek myth) has an unerring nose for mischief and mayhem, which comes in handy as a syndicated columnist for the Miami Sentinel.

When a colleague offers to forgive a lost bet in exchange for checking on his father in Ft. Lauderdale, Hermes’s Spidey senses go on high alert. The father, it seems, has taken up with his much younger housekeeper. The suspected foul play has trickster written all over it.

The young woman who answers the door almost knocks Hermes back a step with her shining golden hair and laughing, kaleidoscope eyes. Oh yeah, there’s a trickster here. But which one? For once in his eternal life, Hermes isn’t sure whether he should stage an intervention, or leave the “happy couple” to their mutually assured destruction.

Especially since Farrah is much more than she seems, and Hermes is all about fun…and frolic.

Warning: Full of tricksters, trouble, and an intriguing temptress who may be more than our hero can handle. Not that he won’t give it his best shot! 

I knocked out yet another novella from my TBR pile today! Of course, I post this a day later! It feels great to read even just 2 novellas. Today I ventured back to Lucienne Diver’s Trickster Blood, a short prequel novella featuring my favorite trickster, Hermes! It’s been a year since I last read the latest Latter-Day Olympians novel. Really hope Lucienne writes more! It’s such a fun, spunky series featuring Greek mythology characters in a fun modern day twist.

Since this is a sort of prequel novella that takes place before Tori comes into the scene, it’s purely just a Hermes story. Which is no hardship! Hermes is your trickster god and a bit of playboy in some respects too. This time, an old friend of his is calling in a debt. Instead of owing him the money due to him, he asks Hermes to check in on his father. He’s worried his housekeeper might be taking advantage of him. Feeling “whimsy” Hermes agrees. Not that he couldn’t afford to pay up, but he’s always up for a little mischief, naturally.

What he finds at the condo where his friend’s father lives, is young woman who is clearly not human. And there’s quite a twist to who actually needs his help in this situation!

Being under 50 pages this was quite a quick read, but an enjoyable one! It’s definitely one to read if you’d like a taste of Lucienne’s writing in this series which is one of my favorites! While our main heroine isn’t on the scene, like I mentioned earlier, Hermes is definitely a more than enjoyable substitute. While he doesn’t have the same kind of snark that Tori has, he’s got charm and charisma and is slightly driven a bit by lust when a beautiful woman is involved. His character will surprise you in this one!

Trickster Blood was a short, yet still incredibly entertaining and delightful read! If you’re a fan of Greek Mythology reads and enjoy ones with a modern day twist, then this series is sure to delight you as it delights me!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars 


  1. Great review. This one sounds awesome and I'll have to add it to my TBR list. I haven't read a book by the author but I have a few of her books on my TBR list. Thanks so much for sharing this one sounds great. Have a great day.

  2. I've never heard of this but it does sound really good!I looooove books about mythological beings! Thanks for sharing this!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


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