Jan 1, 2017


So I FINALLY saw Moana! And it was pretty amazing! The Disney nut that I am, I can never pass up seeing a new Disney movie! Especially a princess one! Moana is not your typical princess which just makes her even more lovable! She's badass!

Moana is the chieftain's daughter and when their island starts to deteriorate and there's basically no more food, Moana is the only one who has the courage to do something about it. Traveling past reef...or whatever we call that waterline is forbidden. We learn why her father forbids it later, but Moana has always had a connection to the water ever since she was little. She strives for adventure, much like all our princesses do.

As it turns out, the Mother (Earth) has had her heart(stone) stolen. Maui stole it once years ago in attempt to bring people the power to control the earth (in growing things). But then he lost it, along with his magic fishhook. Moana already having the heartstone needs to find Maui and his fishhook and to find where the Mother lies and have him return the heart. But it's easier said then done.

Moana and Maui will go on quite the adventure across the sea as they fight off many mystical type people who are all after the stone as well for its power.

All in all, it was one heck of a movie! Disney has once again outdone themselves! Moana is the type of heroine I just love! She's brave and fierce but not invincible. She hit some downfalls, but she picks herself back up again! 

I loved her animal sidekicks too! Pua is her cute little pet pig! He was so small and cuddly. Yet the real animal star was Heihei! The chicken who's a little TSTL, yet he manages to survive quite a lot! He reminds me of Crikee in that sense that he's able to get through just about any dire circumstance!

The movie was filled with quite a few laughs too! And again, the badassery that was Moana. Especially since she and Maui butt heads when they first meet. But obviously friendships are formed! It was quite refreshing to have a "princess" movie where there was no prince or romance. Granted, I might not have minded a little bit, but I am also completely fine without the lack! Moana--the movie, and well, the heroine too--was just freaking perfect!!

Overall Movie Rating 5/5 stars


  1. I loved this movie as well. I always go see Disney movies and Moana did not disappoint.

    I did a review too: http://queenofallbooks.blogspot.com/2016/12/movie-review-6-moana.html

  2. I haven't seen this yet, but it looks SO good. Great review! Glad you enjoyed Moana :)

  3. what is TSTL? sorry I don't know that term. Good to know that Disney's done a great Princess again! love the fact that she does not have a Prince to rescue her (Does she?)

  4. YAY YOU FINALLY SAW IT! BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR I SWEAR. Heihei was one of my favorites. Hell, EVERYONE was my favorite!


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