Jan 12, 2017

Random Thursday

Let's return to Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions by Dave Smith! A truly entertaining book so far!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Brave was dedicated to Steve Jobs who became involved with Pixar Animation Studios in 1986. He died while the movie was in production.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
There was a live action movie made of Snow White. It was a live performance production that was on stage and filmed at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. It was released on video and then aired on Disney Channel in the 1980s but it is currently unavailable to own at this time.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
Chernabog is the name of the demon from "Night on Bald Mountain" in Fantasia. The name, Chernabog, came from Slavonic mythology meaning "black god" or "god of evil".--Quite fitting!! Though I thought I heard Disney possibly had a live action film in the possible works regarding this demon guy! Should be pretty cool if it ever makes it to film!


  1. Hi Jessica :) I've nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award. You can find out more here

  2. Thanks for the Steve Jobs trivia, that's a cool homage to the man who, simply put, changed out lives and the way we communicate.


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