Jan 22, 2017

Ramble on the 90s--Discussion Post Challenge

So let's try having a discussion post. Granted this one might be weird! I thought I would explain why the Pink Power Ranger was always my favorite one. Granted being a girl, I did like the color pink, but I also adored that the original Pink Power Ranger was Amy Jo Johnson!

Growing up, I watched a variety of shows, cartoons...other "kid like shows" and Power Rangers was one I stumbled upon by chance. I can't remember how really. Possibly when I heard there was a movie coming out, I happened upon the show. I immediately took a liking to Kimberly, but not just because she was the Pink Ranger, but because she was a brunette, like myself! LOL!

Yeah, it's a weird reasoning. But so many of those shows I watched that were live action and featured "kids like me", the girl heroine always seemed to be blonde. Now I don't have anything against blondes, but let's face it, as a kid you want to see someone who looks like you on TV. And finding a brunette in the 90s was harder than you would think! I mean come on, they hardly had Theresa dolls on the shelf, it was always Barbie. I mean does anyone else even remember Midge? Barbie's redheaded BFF?

So yeah, needless to say, I adored Kimberly!! And let's not even mention the fact that later on the in the TV series, she was replaced! With a blonde chick. I can't even remember who she was. I was too upset to want to continue the show. I mean I tried, but it wasn't the same! Plus come on, we all saw the budding romance between Kimberly and Tommy!

Then later on in life I discovered the Teen show that was totally for me...SO WEIRD! What 90s-early 2000s kid didn't watch this show on Disney Channel?! It was freaking awesome!

This show was early paranormal television folks! Way before its time naturally! It involved a girl whose mom was a rockstar and she and her family were always traveling, it seemed her mom never stopped doing tours...weird. Lol. Anyway, everywhere she went, Fi--who rocked the brown hair--would discover something WEIRD happening! We've had vampire encounters, possible aliens, I think, Will O the Wisp--or however that was spelled, trolls...you name it and it was probably on the show! It was awesome! I WISH Disney would put this show on DVD to hold and rewatch and cherish forever!

But somewhere down the line of the show, the actress (Because I always felt like it had to be the actress had better offers coming at her and wanted to leave the show or something like that) was replaced...with a blonde chick. You couldn't even imagine my agony over this one too! Because all of a sudden this blonde chick who had no idea anything paranormal related existed, nor did she really believe in it from the start like Fi did, she was suddenly solving "cases" or problems that were paranormal related. I don't think the show lasted more than season with her and the helm.

Another plus of the show were some very hot guys: Eric von Detten, Eric Lively, Partick Levis? Yeah...they were really really cute!! Loved the Erics particularly! And I think they were cousins on the show...or was it brothers? Oddly, as I went to check my spelling on the names, I learned there were only 3 seasons! Seemed so much longer back then...but I guess that meant Fi was only around for the first two. The show even had a website that was Fi's website from the actual show! It was sooo cool! I've tried going back to it in years past but always get that error that basically says "what the heck are you looking for?". So sad. So very sad.

So yeah...that's the end of my rant/discussion or whatever you want to call this ramble! LOL!


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  1. The Power Rangers were after my time, but my son watched them when he was little. I don't know that we ever watched the original one, though---there were SO many versions of it. I've never heard of Keep the Faith, but your description makes it sound like something I would have loved as a kid. Sorry about all those blondes, though. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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