Jun 27, 2019

Random Thursday

Today's the last day for Doug Lennox's The Little Book of Answers chapter on Words! This chapter was definitely more appealing than I initially thought it would be! I think the next chapter on Expressions will be just as intriguing though!

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"Criss-cross" means back and forth that we usually refer to as a pattern of sorts. This term comes from the 16th century when school children did their lessons on a wooden board that hung from their belts. On these boards were the alphabet, the numbers, and the Lord's Prayer. This board preceded the Maltese cross and thus the alphabet was called the "Christ-cross-row." When students recite from the boards they started with the prayer, "Christ's cross be my speed." Two hundred years later, Christ's cross became "criss-cross."

That's an interesting thread of history!

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The events that tend to happen after a large, impacting event are called "the aftermath." "Math" is from the old English meaning "to mow." When a second smaller crop of hay springs up after a field has been mowed, it's called "the aftermath" of "after mowing." Though the crops are nearly useless they must be tended to for the good of the field.

I thought of this book right away for the picture! I still need to read it though! Lol.

A "blurb" is an inspired recommendation that dates back to 1907 during an annual trade dinner of New York publishers where it was customary to distribute copies of new books with special promo jackets. Humorist, Gelett Burgess graced his book with a jacket featuring a very attractive young woman whom he named, "Miss Blendia Blurb." From then on, any flamboyant endorsement for a book was called a blurb.

And yes, I am featuring one of my first printed blurbs on Gena Showalter's Twisted! If you haven't read the Intertwined series, you are missing out! So read it! Let's get those sale numbers up so a finale HAS to be written!!!

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  1. These were interesting... and WOW to getting your blurb on the back of a book! I suspect it happened a long time ago, but nice!


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