Jun 13, 2022

Let's Discuss: ARC Boxes


As a book reviewer one thing that I have loved is when publishers send an ARC box to me! I mean, it's not just an ARC for a book I am excited for, there are other promo goodies in it and sometimes the items tie to the book itself! It's something that still excites me despite all the years I've been blogging.

ARC Boxes

Granted, despite being a blogger for 13+ years, I've only gotten less than 10 of these things! I've seen other newer blogger get stacks of them over the years, and I won't lie, it kind of hurts. But each box I do get I treasure! I legit can't bare to part with the box or anything inside of it! Lol.

My most recent one I received last week was for Stealing Infinity! It came with a cool little necklace that has a stone inside of a silver box, pencils, and this amazing magnetic-sand hourglass. I really need to take a different picture to get the whole idea! Hopefully you'll see that on my instagram this week if I get myself taking pictures after I write this post! Lol.

I always found something so magical about the extra items. I especially love it when the items come from the book (if possible). It just makes the book and the magic come to life. It's also probably why I have a hard time parting with the items/box/book, even after I buy a finished copy!

If you're one of the lucky readers to receive these magical ARC boxes, how do you feel about them? Do you save everything from the box? Do you keep the box? This post really turned into me just gushing over my latest box, but the magic and love I feel applies to the other boxes I received over the years as well.

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