Jun 22, 2022

Review--Forgotten Wings by Alyssa Rose Ivy


It is time to come out of the shadows...

Garrison is done hiding. His family has been laying low for generations, but not anymore. He will be the one to reclaim his family’s place with the supernatural elite.

When an invitation to the Shifter Trials arrives he knows he finally has his chance.

Harper has no interest in attending the Shifter Trials with her roommate, but she can’t turn down the opportunity to make some extra cash. Her college tuition isn’t going to pay itself.

After years of hiding who she is, she’s ready to reveal it all to find a way to pay for her dreams.

When Garrison and Harper cross paths sparks fly, and the outcome of the Shifter Trials isn’t the only thing at stake.


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


Alyssa Rose Ivy starts an epic new series within the Chronicles world with Forgotten Wings! This series is going to start a whole new set of characters within the Chronicles world finding their mates and getting their happy endings!

Harper is convinced by her best friend, Mimi to join her in attending the Shifter Trials as sort of referees, so to speak. Harper has some magical abilities—and a few secretive powers we will soon learn about—and she could use the cash that is promised to the role she’ll play. So she soon finds herself going to these super secretive trials with Mimi and Mimi’s cousin, Marty, who is harboring a major crush on Harper, but she’s not into him at all. 

Garrison is a Pteron who is on his way to the Shifter Trials to participate. He is hoping to win and get his banished family back into the Society. We don’t really know the details on the banishment, but it didn’t seem integral to the story. 

Harper, naturally is paired with Garrison and is to act as his watcher of sorts. She’s to use her powers to make sure he doesn’t try to cheat or use any illegal magic as well. But Garrison isn’t trying to do anything like that. 

But then there’s the intense connection brewing between Harper and Garrison. They are inexplicably drawn to one another. Garrison feels that Harper is meant to be his mate. 

The story continues along with the trials and all the while we see our heroes interacting with the other contestants and “watchers” and even the judges themselves. The ones who are running the show. It becomes clear that something else is going on within these trials. Secretive looks are being had, information withheld…until all is revealed at the end. 

The romance was, as always, both sweet and intense! I’ve never been a fan of the insta-love, but somehow it just works when we say “mates.” I know it’s a simple thing but the belief of soulmates runs strong with me so that makes it easier for me to accept the insta-love vibes!

The pacing to this one was practically perfect! Things are always moving forward so there’s no dragging of the feet. It makes it a quick and fun read that I devoured in one sitting. 

The end is the start of a new beginning. Where this new series will go is unclear but I’m very eager to find out! I feel like there is so much more to uncover with these new characters. It’s going to be a most exciting adventure that’s for sure and I’m happy to be here for all of it!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

Forgotten Wings is out now!





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