Jun 2, 2022

Random Thursday


Time to dive back into historical and political facts from True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley. Today's another variety of facts that don't really have one common theme, other than being weird and interesting! So let's see what we'll learn today!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

When General Santa Anna had his leg amputated, he ordered that it be buried with full military honors.

Wow. That's some leg!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Napoleon was not actually as short as history made him seem. Foreign propagandists managed to create this myth in order to make Napoleon seem comical. While he may be considered short today for a man's standards (5'6 or 5'7), he was actually fairly tall for an average Frenchman at the time.


Taller than me. I'm a shorty.



(image borrowed from NPR)

Did you know interracial marriage wasn't legalized until 1967?

Damn. That's not at all long ago!

(image borrowed from Unlock Food)

Did you know that a bag of flour sold for $275K in the 1860s? It was used as a symbol and repeatedly sold at auction to raise money for charity.

(image borrowed from World History Encyclopedia)

The Mongol Empire once contained over 25% of the world's population.

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