Jun 30, 2022

Random Thursday

Time to learn some intriguing facts from our history! I previewed a few of these and just wow! These are mind-blowing! Let's see what Shane Carley will teach us in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

During WWII, the first bomb that allies dropped on Germany killed seven out of eight elephants at the Berlin Zoo.

(image borrowed from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools)

Did you know the United States does not have an official language?

I do find that puzzling!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Violet Jessop was on both the Titanic and its sister ship, Britannic when they sank. She survived both times.

I wonder if she was ever brave enough to go out a third time?

(image borrowed from Encyclopedia Britannica)

Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates once, but when they were trying to get the Romans to pay them 20 pieces of silver, Julius was insulted. He told the pirates to increase it to 50 pieces!


That kind of cracks me us, but sad how it ended for Caesar.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

About 1 in 200 people in the US claim to be descended from this warlord, though in Asia, the numbers rise up to 8%!

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