Aug 20, 2022

Let's Discuss: Buying Books When You're Behind


As I was writing up a future CWW post, a discussion idea came to me. So I decided I'd better write that now before I forgot about it! Lol.

Do You Continue to Buy Books in a Series You're Behind In?

So yeah, couldn't really figure out a short way of writing that prompt other than what it is! Lol. When you find yourself behind in an ongoing series do you continue to buy the books in whatever format you read in? I didn't use to, to be honest. But then when I started learning about author sales and what not, I thought it would be better to do that! As it is, there's one series I keep meaning to read that now I can't find the books to, not wanting to go through that again with other series, I decided it best to continue to buy books as they release.

In the long run, it will make binge reading the series easier! When the next book is always readily available! 

So what about you? Do you find yourself adding continuing series additions to your TBR even if you're behind in the series, but totally to plan to get caught up...some day...hopefully...when they develop a serum that makes you give up sleep and still be a healthy, functional human being? Lol.

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