Aug 13, 2022

Let's Discuss: Reading Noise Levels


So I'm itching for a discussion post idea as it's been awhile since I've done one. Well, another one at least. I used to do these more often but now I'm at a lack for ideas. Today I got the idea from hearing about reading habits, but I don't really have much for that except for one thing...which then brought up today's discussion idea...

Reading in Silence...or Noise?

Nowadays when I'm reading, I prefer silence! It helps me focus better on the story for if I hear the TV or other noises, my ears tend to focus on that sound and not pay attention to the book I'm reading. Which is really weird, for when I was in school, I would listen to music. 

Honestly, I think I could still do this if I had to. It's sort of my "if I have to" last resort. For if I play music with my headphones, I'll hear it, but I won't listen to the music. Does that make sense? It'll just become the right kind of background noise for me. I would do this when I was in public areas and there are about a hundred different conversations going on and there's just too much noise that it's overwhelming as a reader. So I'd pop in my headphones and listen to my iPod and just let the music drown out everything else around me.

Now for being on time to my classes and so that I don't get carried away with my book--because believe me, that does happen!--I'd set my alarm to go off and tell me to get my stuff into gear! Lol.

But yeah, if I can choose my environment, I would happily choose a nice quiet place to read my book and bask in the peace! Noises from conversations or TV shows will distract me, so I prefer it to be absolutely silent. But if necessary I will listen to music so I can just drown out everything else but whatever is on my iPod at the moment.

What about you? What do you prefer to read in? Silence? Light noise? Some kind of noise? We all do what we have to do at times, but what would be your ideal reading environment when it comes to noise levels?

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