Mar 3, 2011

Kim Harrison Signing

Last night I went to see Kim Harrison since St. Louis made her tour list this year which was super exciting! And St. Louis made an appearance in her latest book, Pale Demon! I had later found out that our local news channel interviewed her in the morning but I had missed it. Rachel and her friends created a bit of mischief near our famous Arch. ;)

 It was a fun typical signing with a reading and Q&A followed by the signing. This picture here is our roadies from St. Louis! I was also wearing my other fan gear which included jewelry from her website.

Kim had also mentioned that she sees the end to the series around 13-14 books, but leaning on 13. She was saying that she sees bits and pieces of the last chapter or so. She also mentioned her new graphic novel that will release this summer, I believe it's called Blood Work. She also said she has one more graphic novel contracted as well.

Then here is me and Kim when I finally got up to see her. I had to be at the end of the line with the other groupies because we were doing the group shots just as the librarians had everyone lined up so we all had to be at then end. And now I have all my books from Kim signed! So it was worth the wait!


  1. Awwwww.... Lucky you!
    I have totally never been to an author signing before so I am mad jealous (plus, you know, it's Kim Harrison!)...

  2. Aaah, lucky you!*me jealous* I'm so glad you could make it to the event and to get your books signed, yay! You look great!;)

  3. Very cool. Sometimes I hate where a live. No authors ever come visit. :(

  4. @Carmel I hear ya! Not even the books get where I live, much less the authors.LOL
    (I live in the middle of nowhere aka Romania). Just saying :))

  5. Awesome!! And you probably didn't have some crazy girl coughing her lungs out there I will always feel bad about that!!

    Great Post, I am glad you had fun.

  6. @Awesomesauce Book Club: LOL Stop feeling bad about that, it was nothing! I didn't hear anything, I told ya!LOL
    I wonder if Kim will do a signing for Madison's book to...

  7. Very cool!

    Bookperk had her Pale Demon on their site that included the book signed and a souvenir lanyard (replica of Rachel Morgan's "Witches' Council" Badge0 BUT they've sold out! :(

  8. Deea, thanks. Oh if you look on her website under the bunny cam pics you can see my I never got the camera to take a pic.


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