Mar 26, 2011


So on Monday in St. Louis we had a high of around 83 degrees, really they predicted 79 degrees, but it got up to 83-84ish. And I don't like hot weather at all. Lived here all my life and I still can't stand our summers that tend to start rather early.

So this was Monday's weather.

This is today's:

Yup, snow! SNOW! Snow in March isn't anything odd, but on Monday we were in the 80s! And now by the end of the week snow! This is just a glimpse of our crazy St. Louis weather!

And yeah this is a pic of my backyard taken from our kitchen window. Didn't actually go outside! But yeah, just felt like sharing this bit of info because it's just so out there!

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  1. I live in Missouri too. The weather is so crazy sometimes! I can't wait til it stays warm.


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