Mar 1, 2011

Review--This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost


Half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her vampire husband Bones have fought for their lives, as well as for their relationship. But just when they've triumphed over the latest battle, Cat's new and unexpected abilities threaten to upset a long-standing balance . . .

With the mysterious disappearance of vampires, rumors abound that a species war is brewing. A zealot is inciting tensions between the vampires and ghouls, and if these two powerful groups clash, innocent mortals could become collateral damage. Now Cat and Bones are forced to seek help from a dangerous "ally"—the ghoul queen of New Orleans herself. But the price of her assistance may prove more treacherous than even the threat of a supernatural war . . . to say nothing of the repercussions Cat never imagined.

Jeaniene Frost's This Side of the Grave was worth the wait! I was immediately drawn back into Cat and Bones' world where they can never seem to get a moment's peace! The action picks up right from the beginning and the chaos and adventures start.

Cat is still getting used to being a "unique" vampire and has yet another new problem on her hands. But the more pressing matter is Apollyon--the ghoul who is set on gathering the other ghouls and going to war with the vampires. That would not be good. So Cat and Bones will have to use their resources to try to put a stop to it. But even that will be hard for their resources are somewhat detained.

Not wanting to get into the details other than that her family and friends are "detained" in their own ways and cannot all be readily available to assist Cat. Yet there is still help to be had. Spade and Denise along with Mencheres and Kira rejoin the group--which was fun to see them again but through Cat's eyes and seeing them be couple like and knowing the story behind it! And of course Vlad was back as well.

There was a bit of humor in the story as well which lighten the mood when needed. And of course there was some steamy romance, but nothing like the epic Chapter 32! Overall it was a fantastic read! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love seeing Cat and Bones relationship to develop further and further despite their being married. It never ceases to amaze me and I love that. I love how there is still always more room to grow.

So naturally my rating is 5/5 stars! And that the wait to One Grave at a Time is only 6 months rather than a year makes me very happy!

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  1. Great review hon!

    I really enjoyed this one, but was a bit underwhelmed over all =(((

    Vlad was awesome though! =D


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