Mar 30, 2011

Review--Sacrifice by Dakota Banks

A demon's enslaved executioner—a ravager of lives and souls—Maliha Crayne has been reborn, willing to sacrifice her immortality for a chance at freedom ...and salvation. Now she has an opportunity to prevent the death of thousands—perhaps tens of thousands—to make up for the countless lives she has obliterated over the centuries. To do so, she must locate and destroy an evil cabal of madmen in possession of a weapon of unspeakable power—and survive the immortal assassins who are now after her blood. But it means reverting to the old ways and surrendering once more to the darkness. And if Maliha dies before the mission is accomplished, the hell she once knew will seem like a picnic compared to the eternal torments awaiting her. 

Dakota Banks' second book in the Mortal Path series, Sacrifice was definitely interesting. I'll admit, it takes me awhile to really get sucked into these books, maybe it's because the text is so small and smashed like on the pages, but overall I never regret reading them.

I am curious to find out how, if, and when Maliha can do what she's set out to do. Balance the scale and rescue as many lives as she's destroyed and rid the world of demons. She's got a full plate on her hands and the surprises never stop.

It always amazes me to just how old Maliha really is, she's so old, she's freaking loaded with cash that she can spend as much as she wants and never bat an eye! That kind of financial stability is just mind-blogging to me! But anyway Maliha really has to deal with a lot of other bad guys in this one and there will be prices to pay in order for her to reach the end of this battle.

The answer behind Jake's identity is revealed somewhat. At least in a few small doses so we know a tad more about him. And there's another new guy on the block who has his eyes set on Maliha...but trying to figure out if its a good way or bad is still in question!

The pacing was pretty good, my mind wandered a little here and there, but not enough for me to stop reading. I sometimes had to force myself to continue on, but while the journey to finishing the book may be hard, the end results are always worth it. As to whether or not I'll read the next book, I don't know yet. I was able to win a copy of Sacrifice so that made the decision easier to make, only time will tell for the next book.

Overall rating 3/5 stars

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  1. awww pity you didnt enjoy this one more! Im really enjoying this series! =)


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