Mar 29, 2011

Review--Possessions by Nancy Holder


possessions: me
--one map of the creepy Marlwood campis.
--a bad feeling about this place.

possessions: them
--far more than they deserve.
--terrifying eyes

New girl Lindsay can't figure out what's going on with Mandy and her followers or what Mandy's been doing down by the dark, frozen lake. But what Lindsay doesn't know can hurt her. Long ago, someone at Marlwood made a grave mistake--and a lot of girls died. Now spirits who were silent for two hundred years have awoken. They want to take possession of what's theirs. They want revenge.

Who will be the next?

Got around to reading Nancy Holder's Possessions that I've had for awhile, and it was okay. I can see why one of my other blogging friends didn't finish it. I was tempted to stop as well, but it was nagging at me to find out what was going on with the girls at the school.

Marlwood used to be a hospital of sorts, or a ward for "troubled" young women. And at its time this wasn't a good place to be for your health. In some ways the school has maintained some of that, not the same treatment of their students, but it is a school for troubled girls, a variety of troubled girls and it is still a very elite and choosy school.

Lindsay is attending via scholarship due to personal reasons that we learn about in spouts of details as the story goes on. But even on her first day, Lindsay is seeing strange things, such as a girl with completely black eyes--hence my teaser! Lindsay begins to get more curious about the mysteries behind the school and what Mandy and her crew are up to.

The surprising details are built up to, so you kind of know what's going on with who, but we just don't know why or how and still don't by the story's end. Lindsay begins to question her sanity yet again during the whole ordeal and truly believes that the life of her roommate and friend might be in danger. And that she herself, might be in danger next. 

Overall rating 2.5/5 stars

A good mystery and buildup with potential just wasn't quite enough to leave me totally hooked into the series as a whole.


  1. That's too bad that this wasn't good. Thanks for the honest review!

  2. awwww too bad it didnt work for ya, it sounds like something I wouldn't really enjoy either.

    thanks for the review =)

  3. Darn it! I was really looking forward to this book, but 2.5 stars? Well, I guess I will put it towards the bottom of my TBR list... Thanks for the review Jess!

  4. Bum deal.

    Same thing happens to me Jessica. I get tempted to stop reading but a nagging feeling tells me not to give up. Sometimes I'm surprised, sometimes I'm disappointed. You never know, huh?

    Thanks for the review, it let's me know enough to move on to other reads.

  5. I'm not a fan of the ending, which is why I'm looking forward to reading the sequel - to see if there's an explanation to it. Take a look at my review HERE.


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