Apr 26, 2012

Cover Art--Iron Fey Chronicles!

OMG! Julie has now posted the cover for The Iron Legends!! I like it! It wasn't was I was expecting, but then, I didn't know what to expect! But it's pretty awesome considering the stories we get. Only right to see everyone on the cover!

The Iron Legends releases August 28, 2012

And in case you still haven't seen it, here's the cover for The Lost Prince! Starring Ethan, Meghan's little bro all grown up!!

The Lost Prince releases October 23, 2012

I soooooooooo cannot wait for either of these!


  1. i haven’t seen any of these covers yet! thanks for the reveal!

  2. I cannot picture Ethan all grown up but he's looking good on that cover! haha

    Interested to see where Julie goes with the books from Ethan's POV.

    Thanks for sharing these covers!

    -Britney at I Eat Words


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