Apr 24, 2012

Cover Art--Scent of Magic!!

OMG! Maria released this on her blog! I soooooooo sooooooo cannot wait to read it!! I love Maria's books and I just can't even begin to explain why I love them so much! They're fantastical! 

I believe this is the US/Canada version as well, when I went to see it on her blog, the front cover wasn't showing up for me, but goodreads did picture this one and from Maria's description, it sounds like the right one! 

Also if you haven't read Touch of Power yet, and you really SHOULD! Then please don't read the back of the cover description below the cover art. There are SPOILERS!

Scent of Magic doesn't have a firm release date, but I believe it will be at the beginning of 2013, possibly with appearances at the end of the year. Which is sooooo far away! I want this one yesterday! ;)

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  1. Look I am crazy excited about this one too. I loved Touch of Power. I can't believe we have to wait till next year though!


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