Apr 26, 2012

Random Thursday

So I had a topic for today, then changed it to this one! Upcoming movies! Since it's almost summer time that means all the epic movies are about to release!

One even comes out next week that I want to see and that is The Avengers! I really like the comic book movies, although I've never read any of the comics. 

My main reason for this one is that I want to see RDJ! I loooove his Iron Man character! Even excited to hear that Iron Man 3 is in the works!! The Avengers releases May 4!

Another movie I want to see shouldn't surprise anyone and that is Dark Shadows!

Tim Burton + Johnny Depp + VAMPIRES! = a helluva great movie! I love the movies Tim and Johnny do together! They're always so intriguing, dark and intriguing! Even though this will likely be nothing like the soap opera from the 60s or 70s, it still looks like a great movie! This one releases May 11!

I really like the new Batman movies too! And when I heard Cat Woman was going to be in the next one I was already eager to know more!

And now it's almost here! I am hoping Anne does a good job of Cat Woman! I really liked Michelle's role in it back in the early 90s with Michael Keaton as Batman! I think this is the last Batman movie, but I am not 100% on that! 

More comic book movies this year! The Spider Man prequel comes out as well. Even though Toby isn't in it, I am still curious to see how they will do this one! I thought the first Spider Man movie was the first movie in telling Peter's story. Guess not!

Still think this one will be pretty epic! Spider-Man releases July 3, 2012

And that will be it for today! I know there's more movies I want to see, but I can't remember them all!

What movies are you looking forward to this summer?


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