Apr 19, 2012

Random Thursday

Today's randomness comes from the little bit of TV I happen to watch, or "catch", as I read a book. I've been watching repeats of Grounded for Life and I noticed in the last season Henry, the youngest child, is totally missing in the last season. I think it's the last season, not part of it. Hard to tell with the 30 minute sitcoms.
Anyways, he's just gone! No explanations or anything! Just excitement about the new baby that comes at Lily's graduation. I mean, what happened?! Obviously it's something in the acting world, but I'm talking TV world. It nags me when a character disappears for no reason at all! None that's explained anyway.

It's like in the second to last season of Reba, when Kyra goes missing. If I recall they don't say she's anywhere either. There may have been an episode when Barbara Jean yells her to turn her music down, and she's "in her room" at the time so we don't see her.
But she was absent for the whole season, until the last one when she shows up. They kinda made a joke of it, saying things like "where were you?" and Van has a look like 'where did she come from?'!

It's similar on Roseanne too when they switched the Becky actress back and forth! That one though was really funny! When the first Becky actress came back, Roseanne even says something like "where the hell have you been?"! What's funnier is that it really does go back and forth, after the original Becky returns for a season or so, they go back to the other Beck!
There's even a "future" episode where DJ, as an adult, played by John Goodman, has gone insane because "they say she's the same, but she's not the same"! And it refers to the ever changing Beckys!

So that post turned out longer than I planned since I kept thinking of more examples! Are there any shows you watched that did this? How do you feel about the shows explaining or not explaining the absence of a character?


  1. OMG, I used to LOVE watching Reba!
    Aw, what happened to Forgiven? Did it pushed down your TBR list? I hate when that happens to me..

  2. I loved Reba, but never noticed the Kyra thing. Then again, I've watched most on lifetime and I don't think they show all of them.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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