Apr 18, 2012


Okay apparently my rafflecopter thing is not showing now, because I cannot see it myself! And I have to get ready for work. If anyone knows how to possibly solve this problem, could you leave me some advice in the comments? I was really excited for this contest and thought rafflecopter would be easier than the google doc/form, but it turns out neither is easy!

EDIT--okay, tried playing with it again and now I can see it on my computer here, that's not at home. ;) Shhh!

Now I just need to know if you guys can see it! Will probably have to mess with it again when I get home if it's not working because I do need to get back to work now! :)


  1. Jessica, sometimes it's a browser's problem, try to embed it in your post through Internet Explorer. It works for me when I can't see something in Firefox.

  2. Sometimes you just have to refresh the screen. Sometimes all I see is the little rafflecopter word written. I just hit refresh until I see it.


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