Apr 5, 2012

Friday Hops

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This week's question is: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

MY ANSWER: Hmm...I do not think I have. Usually reviews inspire to want to buy a book or not to. The only times I might have were because I wanted to read the book anyway and then I happen to see a review, read it, and find that they say the book was bad. But I already had the book or plan on buying it because it sounded like something I wanted to read or was by an author I already liked.

So in a way I guess the short answer is no! :)

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This week's question is: Book Series Finales: Which book, from any series has been your favorite ending? What about your least favorite ending?

MY ANSWER: OOh, this is a toughie! It's hard to choose, with most of the series I read that have ended I have liked all the endings pretty well. Not sure which my fave would be...ooooh I know one now! Oh and Harry Potter, as I am guessing that may or may not be a popular one, is a given for me! I really did like the ending and even thought the epilogue was nice even though I recall some people saying they could've gone without it.

This is still one of my fave trilogies! Fire Study brought us to the end of Yelena's journey, so the ending was really enjoyable! I thought it wrapped things up nicely. There wasn't anymore looseends, but we still get another trilogy out of Maria with a new main character, with the old ones still popping in for visits! But still, I really liked seeing Yelena's story progress through the trilogy! The ending was great and totally left me happy and satisfied!

As for which book I didn't totally love come the end of the series was Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead. Now I did really love this series and I really enjoyed the book, but like most people will say, it was those last few pages that totally threw me! I mean when a series ends, I like things to be all neatly wrapped up. Yeah, I feel like if I go into too much detail I might get towards spoiler territory, so I won't say anything more than I didn't care for the grand finale!


  1. I haven't bought one because of a bad review, but I've definitely read them. A great review makes me want the book and a bad review has no real effect on my desire to read it.

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  2. I haven't bought one because of a bad review, but I've definitely read them. And I totally agree that a great review makes me want the book and a bad review has no real effect on my desire to read it.

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  3. I haven't purchased a book because of a bad review but sometimes they intrigue me to look into the book a little more. Here is my FF
    New follower. Happy reading!

  4. Hi there :) just hopping through. I'm also a no.

    Here is my choice...

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  5. Great answer. I haven't bought a book because of a bad review either. I'm a new follower by the way :)

  6. I was going to put Harry Potter as my answer, but figured it's kind of a world-wide given haha. I've seen Richelle Mead's books pop up on a lot of answers this week, for both good and bad -- I've never read any of her stuff, but I hope to soon!

    Happy friday :)
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  7. Yeah I would never NOT read a book I was really excited for because of bad reviews. Better to make up your own mind!

    Old follower but new follower on Linky!

    My FF: http://pocketfulofbooksblogger.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/follow-friday.html

  8. Old follower hopping through! :)

    I haven't read ShadowHeir or any of the books but someone else said something along the lines as well.. :/

    Patricia // My FF

  9. I always seem dissappointed in series endings, like I've travelled a journey with these characters and now I won't see them again.

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  10. Yup, your answer is kind of like mine Jes! :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

    ~Vanya D. @ YA Story Teller

  11. New follower via GFC under the name "Jenny Reyes"

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  12. Hey Jess!

    Wow, it's been 100 years since I did this meme last.
    Sooo, bad reviews. They sort of make me curious about the book, more then a 3 star review for instance, lol.

    Have a fab weekend!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my response. My answer was no, too. I am a new follower, it turns out--I thought I was following you already!!

  14. A couple of times I have ignored negative reviews on a book I was already planning on reading, and then I wished I had paid attention! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Just blogging by, have a great week-end.


  16. Haha, I always feel sort of bad when I read a bad review of a book I really want to check out! It's pretty hard to keep me away if I want it though! Following back already :P.

    Check out my ebook giveaway if ya get a chance too!

  17. HP is awesome!

    And I had no idea that Marianne Curley had a new book coming out! I haven't really been keeping up with her stuff, haha. Do you know if it's supposed to be a new series or is it a continuation of the Guardians of Time?

    Old follower. :)
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  18. I agree with you, it's quite the same for me as well. I don't think a bad review really would make me want to read it.

  19. Totally agree!! I won't buy a book if it gets horrible reviews..but I will check it out from the library!!

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!!

  20. Great post! I have yet to read the Poison Study series but I've heard nothing but great things about it! New Follower! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  21. Yeah, I'm the same. Reviews don't keep me from reading books :)

  22. Me too! I like to decide for myself if I'd be interested or not. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  23. I AM ABSOLUTELY DYING TO READ THE STUDY SERIES! Must definitely read it soon!

    Thank you for stopping by my FF! I'm an old follower too! :)

  24. Thanks for stopping by! I'm the same sort of. I'll read a book even if it had bad reviews but sometimes the bad reviews are really helpful.

  25. I like your answer, but I think I've always been more about being willing to give a book a chance no matter the type of review good or bad, that it has received. By that I mean, if it falls under the genre's that I normally read and if the synopsis draws me in, then I'll go ahead and give it a chance whether I'm buying or checking out from the library. I just don't want to miss out on forming my own opinion on it and deciding whether or not it's a book that I did or didn't like and for what reasons.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend, chica! Lovin' your blog. :)

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  26. Hi,
    Already a follower of your blog. I totally agree with your answer, feel exactly the same way!!
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  27. I'm so late responding to this - sorry, crazy week! Thanks for stopping by my blog before.

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I choose to read the books inspite of the bad reviews, not because of them.


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