Apr 12, 2012

Random Thursday

You know what I miss? The 90s shows Nick use to play! My top faves are even on DVD, like Salute Your Shorts!! That one was just too funny. But it got me thinking, where are these celebs now?

Like Megan Berwick, she played Z.Z. Ziff, there's not even a pic of her on IMDB, and as for film history it was this show, an episode of Full House and some TV movie. I mean what really happens to these childhood celebs that were only on TV?

I know Danny Cooksey did much better! He was Budnick on the show and he did a whole lot more after that! He was in Terminator 2, he was on Different Strokes before Salute Your Shorts! He was in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark, voiced Urchin on the Little Mermaid TV series,  was Stoop Kid on Hey Arnold, voiced other characters in shows like Pepper Ann, Dave the Barbarian, Invader Zim!

Some celebs make it I suppose, Melissa Joan Hart is another! She's still rolling with the TV shows and did some movies after Clarissa Explains it All and did Sabrina the Teenage Witch for a few years!

And oh, just another SYS actor, Tim Eyster, his pic was up on IMDB, he hasn't done much since his SYS days, besides Babylon 5 in 98, but OMG, he's gotten hot!

I guess with child TV stars, they either hit or miss, just like any other actor. I really miss Salute Your Shorts! Really wish Amazon would put it on DVD, I'm sure it's totally cheesy as most shows in the 90s were, but I would so love to watch it again in a decent, not cheaply made format!

What other shows do you remember watching as a kid? Are those actors still prominent in some way, TV or movies?


  1. OMG, is THAT Sponge??? Wow, did he ever get hot! I so miss those old shows, too, though I have to say I enjoyed the episodes with Pinsky more than Michael of SYS. :) I really need to get SYS on DVD and possibly Hey, Dude! Thanks for bringing back the memories, Jessica. :)

  2. Great post. I remember Salute, and there was another that I liked but can't remember the name right now.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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