Apr 5, 2012

Random Thursday

It's almost Easter!! Today is actually Holy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. Sunday it's Easter!! Yay! Easter is a pretty nice little holiday! One of the things that's been tradition for my family for years is dying eggs. Although this year, the eggs are a little hard to peel, it might be because we brought a brand we don't normally use, because we were boiling them the "right way" according to some article or something we heard about.

Another thing I remember about Easter was the egg hunt the adults had for all us kids (cousins). It was fun. My grandparents put coins in them, so by the end every grandkid got like $2 or $3 in change! And I remember that one of my uncles always hid a few of them really really hard. His were always the last ones we were trying to find!!

Also as a kid, I remember the Easter Bunny would hide my basket, then on Easter morning my sister and I would search the house looking for our basket of goodies! Of course nowadays it's sitting on the table for us!

And I think this year will be the first year we have an egg hunt for my niece! She's three and a lot more active now than she was at previous Easters! Last year my cousin did do a small egg hunt for her with eggs hiding around her house, but this will be her first one outside! As long at there isn't any rain! Seems like it used to always rain on Easter! Go figure!

What about you! What are your Easter traditions, if you celebrate it?


  1. I'm looking forward to Easter this year, my daughter is all excited about it. I'm hoping to take up the tradition of hunting for hidden eggs in the morning like I used to do too. :)

  2. We hide chocolate eggs all over the house so the kids can find them. We try to hide some in especially hard places. Finding chocolate eggs in June is funny! :)


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