Sep 20, 2012

Random Thursday

So...has anyone been to the Disney store lately? I know many have closed across the states, but has anyone checked out their website?

Did anyone notice that the Disney princesses have a new look? Just for the merchandise, but still. It came about with some new promo for Cinderella since her movie gets out of the vault next month.

So there is is. This is a bag we bought a couple of months ago for my niece and I snagged a picture of it. You might not notice the different details like me, because I am like OCD and can see all the differences going on! They even recently re-did the bag so Pocahontas and Mulan were on it!

First off, all of their dresses seem to have been "bedazzled". Ariel and Jasmine are wearing slightly new outfits, Ariel has a seashell on hers and seashell earrings. That's pretty much her new look.

Jasmine, despite her new outfit also has a new do. Nothing major, just the little strand that's falling out.

Belle, well her dress is different too. More see throughy on the sleeves part. But also, hello hair! Her hair got extremely long! The girl wore a pony tail before this, but not she's got lustrous locks!

Aurora, mostly has a new dress. But nothing major. It's like they are putting more detail into the outfits which is cool!

Raupunzel and Tiana aren't really sporting any new differences since they are the newest of the princesses.

Snow White, her headband is tilted onto the side. I can't decide if I like it or not.

Cinderella, they put more detail into her updo. Which I will admit looks nicer! I don't know why. I guess because it looks more real, for a cartoon that is! Weird to say I know.

I both like and don't like these new looks. Like because yes they are new, yet still the same princesses I grew up with. I don't like them at times because, hey they messed with classic princesses here!

So yeah, it's a love-hate relationship we got going on! But today I am kinda liking them, but next week I might go back to not liking them because, again I stress, they messed with the classics!

What do you all think? Love em? Hate em? Love-Hate em? Hate-Love em?


  1. I have the same thing! They look very pretty and I still like them, but I don't want them to mess with the old pictures I grew up with.. Love/hate relationship indeed.

  2. OMG, I bought the new princess school stuff for my daughter and noticed the difference right away too! At first I only noticed Belle because I think she is the one with the most change. Hello sexy! She looks gorgeous but a little too sexy for kids. Cinderella did have weird hair, I always wondered how that would look in real life. Not sure about Snow White's headband either. The changes dont really bother but I dont think they were necessary.

    I just hate that they changed Belle's dress! She has the best dress and the sleeves were what made it so pretty.Oh and I love that they included Mulan and Pocahontas now!

  3. First off I am a big disney person so I love that you have a lot of Disney posts. I learn things from them that I am shocked I don't know about!! So is this the new look for them from now on? I have to say I am disappointed in Belle's look. I feel like the hair do is supposed to make her look sexy and I liked her little pony tail. My favorite is Cinderella so I am loving all the new barbie dolls featuring her and can't wait to pick up Cinderella on blu-ray!

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