Sep 19, 2012

Mini Review--Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Jessica McClain was born the only female in an all male race. The only problem is-she's no wolf. Called a curse, a witch and the Daughter of Evil by the superstitious wolves, Jessica decides to fight for her freedom, at age nineteen, the only way she can-in the ring. 

When she's brutally attacked right after her fight, is it enough to finally earn her freedom off Compound, or will she be forced to endure the hatred even longer...

This was a rather quick read and I thought I would give it ago since I plan on reading the debut book next! Blooded is Amanda Carlson's first look at her heroine Jessica McClain. 

Jessica is human, born to a werewolf family. Living in a male dominated wolf world. And oh yes, they all want to kill her because of the Prophecy. The Prophecy basically says that Jessica will bring about the end of werewolf kind. So naturally the men want to kill her.

Jessica has always known that she is not well liked. The only people who care about her are her brother, Tyler, friends Nick and James who are apart of the pack, and naturally her father who is the alpha.

Jessica tries to get her father to let her leave the pack so she can get away from all the hostility and death threats/attempts. But he is reluctant. We watch twice as Jessica battles for her life. Trying to prove herself. Things get pretty scary...maybe a little hairy too. But not on Jessica's account since she cannot shift.

It was a quick read, but very good story building. It's nice to take everything in, get a glimpse of the characters we are about to meet.

Two things that I truly enjoyed about this story was 1: there was a Princess Bride reference--sadly it was not Inigio's famous lines, or my lines that I choose from him, but still in a roundabout way it does relate to Inigio. 2: and this one is pretty obvious, the heroine has a killer name! ;)

Overall rating 5/5 stars

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  1. I think it's best to read this before the novel. it gives you that much needed background on her.

    glad you enjoyed.


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