Sep 24, 2012

ARC Review--Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

A breathtaking new installment of the bestselling Shadow Falls series for young adults by rising star C. C. Hunter!

At a camp filled with vampires, werewolves, and fairies, Kylie Galen has always struggled to figure out what she is. Now she finally knows the truth—but she's left with more questions than answers. She doesn’t have a clue what her heritage means or how to harness her newfound powers. All she knows is that she needs to sort out her feelings for Derek, the sexy half-Fae who just confessed his love, and Lucas, her werewolf boyfriend who seems more committed to his pack than to their relationship. All the while, Kylie's dealing with a group of underground rogues who want her dead and a mysterious grandfather who makes it clear he doesn’t trust the FRU . . . or Shadow Falls. Soon Kylie will have to choose: Will she stay with the new family she’s formed at Shadow Falls, or will she leave with her grandfather and embrace her destiny?

I received this ARC from the author for review as being a member of her Street Team, I was in no way compensated for this review


I knew I'd be in tears by the end of this book and I nearly was! C.C. Hunter's Whispers at Moonrise had several tear jerking moments! But I won't get into them because obviously, spoilers! But this was really an awesome book, tears aside!

Kylie is struggling to learn about what she is. Her father popped up at the end of Taken at Dusk, if you recall, and told her what she is; a chameleon. Yet Kylie still has no idea exactly what it means! I sort of developed my own theory. Chameleons can change their appearance to blend in and when Kylie's pattern starts going haywire and changing constantly, it becomes obvious as to what a chameleon supernatural does.

Kylie also finally hears from her grandfather and great aunt, although not right away. She tries to get as much information as she can from him since she met him in secrets and had both Lucas and Perry chasing after her. Kylie learns a lot in that one meeting. She also learns that her grandfather does not trust the camp or the FRU. Kylie already had her doubts about the FRU but having him not like Shadow Falls, the place she has come to call a second home eats away at her.

There's also a new ghost haunting Kylie. We saw her at the end of Taken at Dusk as well. She looks eeirely familiar to Kylie and it freaks her out. Because that person can't be dead. What does it mean when you are seeing the ghost of someone who is alive? Kylie is confused, but soon the pieces of the puzzle start coming together as she and Derek, yes Derek, investigate it.

You know I'm totally team Lucas! Purely because he is the boy from Kylie's childhood. Derek I still have my doubts about. He's admitted his true feelings for Kylie and he does seem sincere, yet I just can't get over some tiny things that I remember he did in the first two books that I didn't like at all. So I am hard to forgive him. And poor Kylie doesn't know what to make of it all either. She cares for him, but not quite the same as he does for her or how she feels for Lucas.

Which is the OTHER issue! Lucas is not being good boyfriend material. He puts the pack before Kylie, yet he tells her it's just going to be this way until he can get on the Council and then he and Kylie can be together. He wants to make a change. Yet, his infrequent visits pull at Kylie's heart. Even when they are at camp together, he is distant because he has to stay with his own kind because weres only tend to care about other weres.

The camp is getting ready to be turned into a school and even does for a little bit. New teachers are arriving and yet more than one of them gives Kylie an iffy feeling. She somehow believes that one of them is connected to the ghost that is haunting her. The one who keeps saying, "He's here!"

Once again I shout my love for these characters! Even Derek and Lucas who both drive me crazy and infuriate me in their own special ways! I was a little upset that Perry wasn't there as much as he was in the last book, but Miranda and Della were as awesome as ever! 

Like with the previous books, the pacing was nice and steady! We get to see developments on all the plot lines full circle. And there were several moments where you are left gasping in shock! But by far the ending was the most shocking. I think that's what authors do to drive us readers a little crazy. Because this ending was a doozie! If we thought Taken at Dusk had surprises at the end, Whispers at Moonrise blows that book out of the water! Chosen at Nightfall will definitely be an epic finale! I just hope that it doesn't make me cry as much as this book's ending did!

Overall rating 5/5 stars

Whispers at Moonrise releases October 2, 2012


  1. I loved this book but had a huge book depression at the end.. UGH.. I just wanted to keep reading. Are you Team Lucas or Team Derek? Me, I've always been team Derek!

  2. I wasn't expecting a chameleon! This looks like a lot of fun though. I'll have to check the first book out!

  3. I am going to try and pick this book up again. I was just not in the YA mood when I started it the first time. But I really do need to know what is going on.

    I am so glad you loved it. Gives me the push I need to start it again.

  4. I can't wait to read this book. So happy it comes out today!


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