Sep 10, 2012


I am ready to pull my hair out! My internet is totally off the fritz! Like literally! 

I can't seem to get to all the websites I usually visit, blogs included, but mostly blogs that have their own domains! So those of you who know I always drop by for weekly memes, and see that my comment isn't there, well that's the reason. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I've reset my DSL box, I've reloaded the webpages several times...

Have I mention my disdain for computers and the internet?

Hopefully I'll still have some hair on my head for work tomorrow. I can always try using the computer there on my lunch break. But this is just ridiculous!

So my apologies for lack of comments to my blogging friends who have their own domain/.com!

EDIT: Slowly--very very slowly--but surely, things seem to be working again. Had to reset my internet about a bazillion times because I eventually lost it completely. Then after much much cursing and grumbling "oh woe is me"s it came back! So I am now tentatively surfing the web! And was able to visit a few of the places that wasn't working earlier! Hopefully things will stick!


  1. Love that picture of that girl! I feel exactly like her somethimes! Good luck with it!

  2. Not sure if this will help but try clearing out your cache. For Firefox its Options > Advanced > Network > Cache Web Content > Clear Now (button) > Ok.

    For other browsers just search in google "clear cache chrome/ie/safari" etc.

    If that doesn't help you might want to try updating your browser and if it's still giving you trouble contact your provider.

    I am not a fan of the woes of technology either. I blame the gremlins.


  3. I know, it's so annoying! Apparently, the DNS server that hosts all these blogs (GoDaddy whatever) is down, and there are LOTS of blogs down as well. Here's hoping they fix it STAT!

  4. Oh was about to say what Deea said, so before you go through the trouble of doing what I suggested it's best to wait until GoDaddy fixes it's issues. Article here:



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