Feb 2, 2015

Insanely Mini Review--Sudden Backtrack by Kim Harrison

The origins of the elf and demon war have been shrouded – until now. Told from a demon’s point of view, join Al as he helps Newt spin the curse that caused the elven downfall… and perhaps holds the beginnings of their own reclamations.

This was an incredibly short and fast paced read by the ever talented Kim Harrison! Though I would say Sudden Backtrack was more of 0.5 then a 13.1, because as the description says, this shows Al and Newt weaving the curse to cause the elven downfall.

As I said, this was only about 21 pages to read, so it was incredibly fast and more of a moment in time than anything. A few short scenes, but it was interesting nonetheless. We see Newt and Al's roles in what was to come in the course of a tremendous 13 book series! It also even reveals how Newt came to be the...eccentric way she is!

A short fun read that's not to be missed by any Hollows fan!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


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