Feb 14, 2015

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Disappointing TV Series Finales

*in no particular order
**Since it was a tie last time I checked, I decided to go with this one since I really can't think of many TV series finales that I enjoyed! Guess because so many were canceled before they got started!


I came wayyy late into the Angel TV show game, but OMG...when I was binge watching the show last year during my weekly workout routine, I seriously thought there was something wrong with my DVD at first because I could NOT believe that was how the show ended! I mean seriously?! So, so, SO upsetting!


Now Angel's series finale takes the cake, but Buffy's was a tad upsetting too! I mean if I didn't already know that Spike was okay when I finally saw season 7--there was tons of airing issues during season 6, so I never saw the end of that, let alone season 7 until I caught the reruns on FX--I was just baffled. I mean after all that time in Sunnydale, this is how it ends?!


I only call this disappointing because it ended TOO SOON! I mean seriously! Where were all my paranormal peeps during this time?! When the show first started, that was when I was getting my paranormal game on! Granted I had Buffy and Angel, but still...there wasn't a lot of love going on. But come on...MAX!! I did read a short book series that picks up where the show left off, but that was only 4 books long...not nearly long enough!


Another show I was WAY LATE into the game! But I totally binged watched this series at the end of last year! And when I watched the final episode of season 3, I was like...that's it?! THANK GOD for that movie though! I really thought the movie brought some saving grace to all the questions I had! And I am LOVING the book series that picks up where it left off! I still need to read the recent release, but loved the first one. I love knowing that the characters aren't totally gone just yet!


This series finale was disappointing more so because the show was CANCELLED! Why America, why?! This show was freaking awesome! A vampire detective. Vampires living among us? But they're trying to remain secret for the most part. Sure some peeps know about them, but I was TOTALLY TOTALLY addicted to this show! This is where I first met Jason Dohring and fell in love with him as Josef. The ending, while almost satisfying for a 1 season dealio, did leave us with one nagging cliffhanger. I mean seriously?! Don't do this to us die hard fans if there's an inkling of the show not resurfacing for another season! I'm still immortally crushed every time I rewatch it. It's a sick addiction to want to watch the incredible show over and over, knowing that it's over once you reach the last episode. Sob!

A somewhat honorable mention: LOST--I stopped watching this show at season 5. The show that just kept getting more confusing as it went along. I always said thank god it's not doing time travel because then things will really get f-ing confusing...season 5 had FREAKING time travel!! Totally lost me and confused me so completely I couldn't even watch the first episode! Then I heard how the series finally ended and I was like what the f---? I clearly remember reading an article during the heyday of the show and said that it would never go to that kind of ending, because what a cop out. And from what I heard, if the source was reliable, it was a cop out ending.

I needed to borrow those last 2 seasons from my cuz and just watch them. But I'm still binging another old show during my morning workout, then I move onto my Christmas DVD hauls!


  1. I've never heard of Moonlight before! I might have to check that out. I LOVED Roswell when it was on. I used to watch both that and Buffy on WB when I was in high school. I lost interest in Buffy during season 6. I kind of wish they had ended it at Season 5 because I loved the ending of that one and thought was heartbreakingly perfect. Firefly would've made it onto my list, even though I don't think it would count because it didn't have an actual ending. Just canceled. :(

  2. I haven't seen ANY of these shows. LoL That disappointing that Buffy and Angel didn't end well. :/

  3. I am in total agreement on Buffy, I'm am still scarred by that ending :(

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