Oct 30, 2017

Let's Discuss: Time Travel or Teleportation?

So I stumbled across yet another Rainy Day Ramblings topic post that I thought would be fun to answer! And this one was a no-brainer for me!

Would You Rather Time Travel or Teleport?

Without a doubt my answer is teleport!!! Easy peasy getting from one city to another for author signings? Heck yes!! No more long drives home on work nights where I'm using vacation days so I don't lose out on the necessary hours of sleep! SIGN ME UP NOW!!! I feel like I would pretty much choose the ability to teleport over any other superpower. 

Unless I could give up the ability to require sleep and still be a functioning human being! Between THAT and teleportation then I would have a problem picking!! With the former I would be able to dismantle my TBR pile with ease!! 

Then again I could also manage long drives and be able to get home and get ready for work the next day as well! I'd just have to make sure nothing was SUPER far away that I would miss my start time.

And let's also just step away from the ease of traveling for author signings...I could travel ANYWHERE! I could go back to Rome! I could travel to London!!! It would be soooo awesome! I could even blip back each night and sleep in my own bed! Well...maybe not...I forget what the time differences are with these countries and my own city. Might be better to get a hotel so I don't totally send my body out of whack on times and all that! LOL!

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  1. Time travel is tempting, but I'm with you---I think that teleportation would just be so much more practical. And better, in the long run.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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