Oct 7, 2017

Road Trip to Grand Rapids to Meet Leigh Bardugo! (Plus Giveaway!)

So now that I am finally nearly on the mend, I'm writing this looooong overdue blog post! Sorry folks! I had wanted to write it last Sunday but the cold I still have was just kicking into gear, so I did a lot of laying around on the couch!

Anyway, last weekend, geek that I am, I decided to drive 7 hours to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see Leigh Bardugo--again--for The Language of Thorns tour! I really wanted to try to get myself a set of those gorgeous pins that were being showcased around! Luckily I did get that, but sadly the buttons that were also supposed to be on tour stops weren't there, can't win them all I guess!

Leigh is just one of those authors I can never get tired of! I love hearing her speak! She has interesting and delightful stories to tell! VERY excited for her first adult book that will be coming to us in 2019, sigh....2019 so far away! But always excited to see when favorite authors branch out to other levels! 

I even got to hang out with fellow booklover Jenn whom I follow constantly on Instagram! It was a pretty fun day all things considered! 

So naturally I have an extra SIGNED copy of The Language of Thorns that needs a new home! This is just a standard edition of the book, but it's SIGNED so yay!

This giveaway will be opened to US addresses only. So just fill out the rafflecopter and you're good to go!

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  1. Meeting Leigh Bardugo is one of my dreams -but, sadly, I don't think she will ever visit my country. Good luck to everyone who is joining the giveaway. :)

    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  2. I've not read any of the stories in this book! I've actually never read anything by this author... but, I've found so many wonderful reads thru your blog, that I'd love to check this one out too! Thanks for the chance!!!!!

  3. Now that is commitment!! :) Lovely photos!

  4. Awesome photos!! Thanks for the chance to win this book, it looks beautiful. <3

  5. I haven't yet read any stories in this book! I have only read one book by the author but she's been on my list for forever now. I'm hoping to get into her Shadow and Bone series soon! I've been looking forward to this book for a while now, the cover caught my eye and everyone's been raving about it!


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