Oct 19, 2017

Random Thursday

Here are a few more random questions answered from Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions by Dave Smith! Next week we'll move into questions regarding Disneyland!

(image borrowed from Pintrest)
Apparently in Tokyo Disney Resort, there was merchandise that was basically of a married Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It was only ever sold in Tokyo, for apparently in the US Disney doesn't acknowledge that they are "married", probably just "dating". Though this picture of a pin I found makes me wonder where it came from! And there have been other sculpture like things that have a married Mickey and Minnie. So again, not sure how accurate this is.

(image borrowed from Daily Motion)
The animated short Get a Horse!? from 2013 is reminiscent of the the older cartoons from the beginning stages of Mickey Mouse. Apparently when cars first started coming out, they were a little more faulty and prone to breaking down. Farmers would ride by on the horses and tell them to "Get a horse!" since obviously a horse can't break down (in theory). And since this cartoon has Mickey and his horse, Horace, facing down Pete in his car, it was an apt title!

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