Oct 5, 2017

Random Thursday

And now we return to Disney related randomness! Let's get back to Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions by Dave Smith!!

(image borrowed from YouTube)
Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet was a short cartoon about two hats falling in love. In the cartoon itself, they spelled the name as Johnnie, but in later merchandise such as sheet music or storybooks, the spelling was changed to Johnny. Mostly because this was the more common way to spell it. Both versions of the names were used about the same time, so there's really no clear answer to what is the true spelling.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Pete was originally dubbed Peg Leg Pete as to what his animal origin is supposed to be, it's speculated by another Disney book, that he's a "rogue cat". Though apparently in his earlier appearances he looked more like "a tail-less rat or oversized mouse."

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
One fan wondered who provided the voices for the Silly Symphony Goddess of Spring and the answer was that Kenny Baker was the singing narrator and Tudor Williams was Pluto--the god of the Underworld, not the dog.   

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)
Another fan questioned when Pluto's birthday was as he saw conflicting dates throughout the internet. Sadly, it seems the Walt Disney Company only celebrates birthdays for Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. 
Poor Pluto! I'll go with the first date this fan said and say it was September 5, 1930. Every character, big or small should have a birthday! At least with Mickey and crew! Going back for evverrrrrry single character is impossible, but come on! Mickey's crew's a small group in comparison!


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