Oct 12, 2017

Let's Discuss: Would You Rather be a Vampire or Werewolf?

So I was just surfing along the blogosphere when I came across this awesome post at We Live and Breathe Books! It was actually a meme post with a weekly prompt from Rainy Day Ramblings, but it really had me thinking and going about the question and answering it in my own way! 

Would You Rather Be a Vampire or Werewolf?

• Forever young • Age like humans
• Immortal • Mortal
• Require a steady diet of blood • Eat a normal human diet
• Usually possess a magnetic personality • Known to be aggressive
• Have enhanced senses • Super strong and super fast, as well as heightened senses
• Must always be invited and are can be killed with common household items • Nearly invulnerable, but may be harmed by silver and wolf's bane
• Can simply take a shape they want • go through a painful physical shift from human to wolf, which may be uncontrollable and result in lots of shredded clothing.

Firstly, I'm borrowing this lovely little box from We Live and Breathe Books! It basically gives the nit and gritty on the perks of each supernatural being. Though, I'd like to say in my defense that the werewolves I first read about--and let's face it, cemented the rules of werewolves in my mind--didn't age like humans. They weren't immortal, but they aged rather slowly. I can't remember the exact science, like if it was they aged physically 1 year for every 10 years? It was something along those lines though.

My answer, might surprise you...I would actually rather be a werewolf! For I would get to live longer still, not forever like a vamp, but long enough. I could eat a normal diet and burn calories like crazy!! Yay for that!!

In my mind and possibly within some of the books I've read, the "shift" wouldn't necessarily be controlled by the phases of the moon. Sure on the full moon, I'd likely shift, but I could also shift in broad daylight should I want to!

With vampires, it's always different if they can consume regular food. Truly it always depends on the author! Though in classic literature, it's definitely a blood only diet! I suppose we could be basing these traits off the classic movie monster versions vs what we've read today!

But yeah, I'd totally be a werewolf! Which would crack up my friends growing up since they referred to me as "vampire girl" for reading "vampire" books! Though I wasn't really reading just vampire books and as I went on to explain, I would see a glazed look come over their eyes, so I usually stopped listing them around necromancers! ;)

What about you guys? If you were told you'd be living out the rest of your days as a vampire or werewolf, what would you choose? And feel free to take in consideration that you can be a werewolf that just ages much slower than a human but also knowing that you won't live forever! That's how I took things into consideration! LOL!


  1. I've always just wanted to be immortal so I can forever read all the books but I'm not a fan of the cons for vampires. Werewolf seems more appealing. I'd hate to give up food. lol :D

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Lit

  2. This was my first Tell Me Something Tuesday, but it was a lot of fun, and I found out that I am very much the black sheep on this one (I chose Vampire). However, Tanya brought up something I had not thought about. I am not an outdoorsy type, so I agree with here, that it's a big enough con to keep me steadfast in my choice as a vampire. 😆

  3. I love food, and I wouldn’t want to give it up for an all-blood diet. I need chocolate in my life! I guess that means I’d rather be a werewolf. I want a normal diet.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. Vampire! But only if my favorite people could also be vampires. I would hate to be immortal and see my loved ones pass.

  5. I'm going with vampires. Yes, I would need a constant diet of blood, but I like the immortal thing :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  6. I loved this topic too when I saw it on WLaBB! Like you, I think I'd prefer to be a werewolf. Living forever doesn't sound appealing when I think about it in real terms!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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