Nov 10, 2017

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict
This week's question is: What is your favorite part of blogging? Is there a least favorite part of blogging? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)
MY ANSWER: My favorite part about blogging is definitely chatting about the books I love! I may not get many hits on my blog, but still, I read each and every comment and I love them all! I love it when my reviews help people decide if a book is for them or not or just in general sharing the love of reading!
I would love to say I love getting ARCs from the publishers but even though I've been at this since 2009, I don't really get all that many books from the publishers. And sure, I get envious at times, because who doesn't get book envy? But I still cherish every book I do get from publishers! And since I have a mountainous TBR pile, I tell myself it's a good thing (sometimes) that I don't get books constantly from pubs or else I'd never be able to read the books I've bought over the years.
My least favorite part...uhh...I've got nothing really. Lol! Although there are times when I have to blog ahead, and I mean REALLY ahead, like I'm doing at the time of writing this particular post. I write it about 4 weeks in advance because I know I will be very busy in two weeks, and blogging THIS FAR AHEAD is tiring! I'm actually going to take a break from it after finishing this! LOL! Although I did pretty good, I just have 3 more Thursday memes to write, but those are exhausting since I have to hunt for pictures and then sum up or copy down whatever needs to be written!


  1. Awesome how much you still enjoy blogging. Me too, but sometimes the reading of blogs, planning my schedule, etc seems like a lot of work. I sometimes get my posts scheduled ahead of time though it's harder because I have to wait for author and agent interviews to come in before doing that. Hope you're taking a break and enjoying it.

  2. I like getting ARCs but I like talking about books the best. :) Great answer!

  3. I like interacting with other readers. I have always reviewed the books I read on GR, but the blog gives me a different platform to talk to other readers. I like ARCs too, because I could never afford to buy all the books I read in a year.

  4. I get in this viscous cycle of blogging ahead - months ahead - and then I slack off and am back to ground zero furiously working on posts the night before or day of.


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