Nov 20, 2017

The OMG I am Soooo Behind CONTEST!

Hey all! So two weeks ago, I attended the Marissa Meyer signing for Renegades! It was a great and exciting night! I love author signings! I have yet to read Renegades and keep thinking I might try holding off until next year to binge the duology...yes I know I say I will do this a lot with my trilogies which are now all finished and I have yet to pick up a single book 2, but with a duology it's much easier to say this! LOL!

It was fun to hear the story of Renegades evolve! She had apparently been working on it since the middle of the Lunar Chronicles or so...forgive me for not remembering the exact book. It took awhile for her to get the story to be just right since she was also thinking it might be a long series, then a trilogy, and then it was decided on a duology!

But to think the idea came from when she saw a construction sign that was saying what was coming soon, she thought it said Hero School at first and then the idea started to percolate! And here we are some odd years later, it was possibly 4 drafts or maybe 5? that finally created what we have in our hands today!

And since I now officially have an extra copy that I don't need for what I thought I might...I thought it would be nice to give it away here!! So gear up your mouses or finger taps for a 3...2...1
I have one SIGNED copy of Renegades to give to ONE lucky reader!! US addresses only but that does mean international peeps can use a US address for entry purposes if their person can get it to them at their convenience! So have at it! 

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  1. Electric Blizzard, LOL. I almost bought RENEGADES on Amazon the other day. Now I'm glad I waited :) Thanks for the contest!

  2. Thanks so much for the chance to win this! I've been curious about this one, of course. :-) The naming thing is fun too---my name would be Fierce Hook. LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. I'm so guilty of starting a new series and then not finishing it once the other books come out. It's just so hard especially as a book blogger to keep up with all the series out there. This book sounds so amazing and it has been on my radar a while now but I told myself not book buying until after the holidays. We will see how that goes. LoL Thanks for the giveaway.
    -Strong Storm ;)

  4. Quick Avenger! I'm so glad this is a duology. I'm terrible with finishing trilogies and series too. I try to binge but sometimes it's just hard to keep an interest :S

  5. Agh my name is so lame - Steel Girl! Haha, oh well! I'm also thinking about just reading the two books back to back. Like you said, it's so much easier saying that when it's a duology! :D

  6. Silent Rogue! I actually love this lol

  7. My name is Silent Mystery. Sounds very mysterious. ;) Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. "What's your Renegades name?" Let's say Star Claw.


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