Nov 13, 2017

Let's Discuss: Series vs Standalones

I can't remember exactly where I saw this particular post idea, but I thought it would fun enough to chat about for a moment! But basically it comes to reading (of course!) and how much/what you like to read!

Series vs Standalones

I feel like there are merits to both! With series you get a nice long running selection of books! You'll have plenty of reading material for years to come--if you choose to read it as they release--or you'll set yourself up for some nice binge reading! You get to stay with a certain cast of characters for a length of time and if you're enjoying them and loving them, that's amazing! Series are fun because you get to stay with the same characters for awhile and if you're enjoying them, it's fun to watch their journey no matter how long it is!

But on the other hand, standalones are kind of fun too! You'll get a one and done kind of story with (hopefully) complete resolution! The characters will reach their goal by the end of the book and there will (hopefully) be a happy resolution! Standalones are kind of refreshing after you've read sooo many series and are still mid-series all over the place with the TBR pile! 

Both styles have their merits. Though when it comes to what I actually prefer, that's a bit harder. I honestly can't say if I favor one more than the other. Like I said, they both have their positives to them. If you like sticking with the same group of people for awhile and have long drawn out missions and goals, series are great! Standalones are great for a quickie read, though sometimes they can leave you wanting more! Maybe the ending wasn't 100% resolute. Maybe there were these teeny, tiny bits that leave you to think more could happen, and yeah, that can happen! Authors may not be sure if a book is series material right away. Other times even when it is purely standalone you can still long for more! 

Though, I still haven't answered which is my favorite. I don't think I really favor one more than the other. True, with my line of reads the majority of them are series! Paranormal reads tend to be series I feel like, though some series can read as standalones too with just the tiniest bit that connects them to previous books. Standalones are refreshing though after reading so many series installments. I just read a standalone last week that I really enjoyed, though of course I'm wondering about how things would turn out in the very end! Hoping I can get an answer out of the author besides the "what do you think happened?". Don't get me wrong, I do like to imagine things happening the way I first initially thought of, but if you give me time to think, I will have at least 2 completely different scenarios and a possibly third that's not fully fleshed out. Sometimes maybe more too! Lol!

Suffice to say, I enjoy them both! Perhaps series are favored just a tad more than standalones, but after reading so many series installments for so long, sneaking in a standalone is very refreshing and fulfilling. It makes standalones more enjoyable after reading so many series/series installments.


  1. I think a prefer series too than standalone. Though of course, I still read and love standalones. The thing with series is sometimes as they continue along, they tend to get a bit dragging. Sometimes the author just really wants to extend the series that the plot kind of suffers already. But there are really great long series out there. :D

  2. Oh! This definitely makes you think!! I think I tend to prefer standalones, simply because many series end up falling flat for me. But I'm a total sucker for great series when they are done well!!

  3. I always tell myself that I prefer standalones but I find that my recurring comment is that I want standalones to be that I want more - either a novella or longer book. So I think deep down I prefer series, but I draw the line at four books damn it!

  4. I tend to lean towards series... because I never want to leave my favorite characters and with a stand alone, once the book ends, so does the story... and then I have to say goodbye.

  5. Well, my blog is dedicated to book series so I guess there's my answer :P
    But I do enjoy standalone novels. There are certain stories/topics that can only be handled in a single book and I appreciate that.

  6. Like you, I read mostly series, but I do appreciate a good standalone now and again. Or, even better, how about series that are more like companion novels where each book could stand alone? :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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