Dec 1, 2019

Fall Bucket List Book Tag

So I saw this fun tag earlier in the week over at Fiction No Chaser and thought that it looked like fun! It was originally created by Tiffany at Read by Tiffany! The above image was borrowed from Fiction No Chaser.

LIGHT A SCENTED CANDLE: a book that is light-hearted

The Best Kind of Magic is probably one of the most light-hearted paranormals I've ever read! I still need to read the last book of the trilogy but it's a really sweet one!

DRINK PUMPKIN SPICED LATTES: a book that has a lot of hype

I have to agree that The Queen of Nothing was the most hyped book of the fall!

GO APPLE PICKING: a book that has fun friendships

Yup. I'm going there. AGAIN! Lol. Twisted was the "last" installment of the Intertwined series and it will always sadden me that it never got a finale...yet it  was given new e-covers. Go figure. Aden, Mary Anne, Riley, and Victoria were a pretty awesome group. Yes they were having their issues in the last one and it caused a lot of flack with readers, but hey, so have a LOT of other series that have been given redemption with a final book. Had we gotten that final book we likely would've gotten answers!

WEAR A COZY SWEATER: a book that warms your heart

Nocturne definitely warmed my heart...then crushed it irrevocably. I just wish we could've gotten that sequel!

BAKE CINNAMON ROLLS: a character who's a talented chef

Honestly, I've got nothing! Must be more of a contemporary trait. I feel like there were some characters who cooked, but weren't overly passionate about it. Mundane tasks rarely play a role in my paranormal reads apparently!

JUMP INTO A PILE OF LEAVES: a book that makes you jump for joy

Finale was soooo worth the wait! I still jump for joy at anything Caraval related!

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